The symbol of the moon goddess, Yuèqiú.

One of the moon goddesses. Yuèqiú is one in a set of identical triplet daughters of Rātri.


Yuèqiú one of the three moon goddesses whose father is Rātri. Her and her sisters were all born at the same time when Rātri began experimenting with creating life, and through his powers he created a set of identical triplets who ended up being Yuèqiú and her sisters Yuèguāng and Yuèliàng. Overjoyed by his creation, Rātri set aside space in the night sky where he and his daughters can be together. As part of the third generation of the gods, Yuèqiú and her brothers and sisters are direct descendants from the Óla Theós.


Loves her grandmother dearly and is extremely devoted to her. Houses the Creator goddess.


Goddess of health.


Magic and AbilitiesEdit