Yellow Sand

Yellow sand is a naturally occurring type of sand found on the continent of Antoisia. The sand gets its yellow color from the limonite found within the surrounding area.


Yellow sand magic is said to be the magic of the merchant. Yellow sand, and it's subsequent forms, has been classified by arenophites as an internal type of magic that effect the user's mind.


In its sand form, yellow sand will temporarily increase a person’s brain function beyond normal levels when it is ingested. This allows the user to utilize their brain in the most efficient way possible, with effects like eidetic memory, instantaneous memory recollection, enhanced senses, strategic thinking, creative problem solving, and the ability to do complex calculations in a matter of seconds.

The speed at which the person’s body metabolizes the sand is what determines the duration of the effect of the sand.


Yellow sand that has been melted down and formed into glass will unlock the yellow glass's ability to allow an arenophite to hear the thoughts and see through the eyes of others within a given radius.

The radius of the yellow glass's effect is dependent on the size of the yellow glass.


Metals cast in an yellow mold will transform the metal into gold when it is done cooling.