The Valley of the Twin Giants is a deep valley surrounded by steep and perilous rock formations, located in the center of Antoisia within The Forgotten Quarter. In the time before the gods left Antoisia, and the waters still flowed, The Valley of the Twin Giants was once a mighty river.


In ancient times the River Goddess, Heliu, created this raging river as a testiment to her power of the flowing waters of Antoisia. The river provided sustanence to much of the flora and fauna of the central continent, and the races of Antoisia made pilgrimage regularly.

The Valley more recently houses the imprisoned River Goddess, after the Dryad Kings war against the lesser water gods. As a result, the area is haunted by the presence of the diety, and still contains a small oasis of flowing water.

After their war with the Dryads's which almost wiped them out, the humans took refuge in the valley; attracted by its easiness to defend and its mystical source of water. The humans defend the water with rabid ferocity, and never failed in their watch over it. Once the Humans were strong enough to form their own nation in The Forgotten Quarter, The Valley of the Twin Giants became the site of their capitol, Aan Shien.

Political StructureEdit

The Valley's political structure, like the rest of human society, is tribal in nature. The elder mages of the city's largest family are looked to for guidance and support, and looked upon with the greatest amount of respect. However, to refer to these elders as the "leaders" of the city, as they do not give orders, or lord over their people in any way.

Society & CultureEdit

Because of the Human's emphasis on repopulating their race, prolificness is rewarded with increased social standing, along with physical rewards such as better housing, trade rights, and water. Smaller families, however, are still provided for and encouraged to grow and aide the repopulation efforts.


The Valley is populated exclusively by Humans, and accepts few visitors from other races.