The City of Glass is a city under Dryad control, famed for its residents' mastery of glassblowing. Built on the ruins of an ancient Dryad city, much of the architecture has been rebuilt in resplendant glass structures. Trade between the Rainbow Mines, and the City of Glass is frequent, as the Dryads need the magic sands to create their most bautiful glasswork, and the Forna need the aid of the Dryads to create glass variations of their abundant sands.


The city of Glass was founded half a century after the discovery of the magic sands when the Dryads mastered the art of sand blowing. 

Political StructureEdit

Like much of the Dryad cities, the political structure of the City of Glass is rather rigidly defined. However, unlike the Dryad capital, the City of Glass is much more heavily influenced by the merchant class, due to its status as a trade hub. Although the city is ruled by the governor priests of the Dryad faith, they are all in the hip pockets of the wealthier glass traders of the city.


Only Dryads are given permission to buy property and live inside the ornate walls of the glass city. However, Forna traders often make temporary homes which they use when visiting for trade. These temporary residents are not counted among the Cities inhabitants for official census data in the Dryad territories.