Sand Whales are a rare species of sand dwelling mammal that inhabit the Northeastern regions of Antoisia. 

Biology and HabitatEdit

Sand Whales are extremely large and subsist mainly on Sand Krill, but have been known to consume smaller mammals when stricken with scarcity. Sand Whales range from 8 to 12 metres in length and can weigh upwards of 3 tons. 

Sand Whales reside on the Northeastern regions of Antoisia in which the sands have taken on semi-viscous properties and are traversed similarly to water.


Sand Whales are docile creators but are extremely dangerous when provoked or threatened. These creatures often travel in packs or family units.


Sand Whales are rarely used as a food source for teh denizens of Antoisia and serve mostly as an obstacle when traveling through their territory. Attempts to domesticate these massive beasts have been fruitless.