Major EventsEdit

The forna slowly over the 700 years since the capturing of the gods had forgotten their old religions and became obsessed with mining and learning sand magic, as well as creating trade roots to other lands. While building massive cities and perfecting forms of water transportation. These water caravans would be taken periodically by the human nomads but mostly they were undisturbed. The dryads built temples to their gods and lived remembering their religious upbringing.Keeping the teachings of their ancestors and retaining the records of the old king, but keeping them hidden from the majority of the population. The humans began to regain their numbers and arenophites began to discover the uses of the many colored sands. No major wars occurred during this era and science began to discover the uses for sand.


As a result of gaining sand magic the races were able to evolve quickly in this time period things like guns, and trains were able to be constructed and developed at an increasingly rapid rate. As a result of this rapid advancement water was able to be stored and transported to places that were harder to get to. Rudimentary sand magic began to be studied and taught though no race had mastered the many different combinations and forms the magic could take.

Important FiguresEdit

Art and artisans are valued above all else in this age those who can use the sands become highly revered forna scientists and dryad glass blowers are the most important figures of the age.

Political LandscapeEdit

Peace and prosperity for the forna and dryads help to maintain political stability.