Purple Sand

Purple sand is a naturally occurring type of sand found on the continent of Antoisia. The sand gets its purple color from the manganese garnet found in the surrounding environment.


Purple sand magic is said to be the magic of the gunsman. Purple sand, and it's subsequent forms, has been classified by arenophites as an external type of magic that deals with force.


In its sand form, purple sand is a low chemical explosive with an initial slow decomposition rate, however the burning rate increases with pressure so it will burst containers if contained but otherwise will just burn in the opened.


Purple sand that has been melted down and formed into glass will unlock the purple glass's ability to produce an omnidirectional force which will repel any and all metals from the glass. This effect does not work on metals cast in a purple mold.


Metals cast in a purple mold will imbue the metal with its purple color and give the purple metal the fragrance of lavender flowers.