Orange Sand

Orange sand is a naturally occurring type of sand found on the continent of Antoisia. The sand gets its orange color from lava colliding with the ocean, cooling, and then being broken up into sand by the ocean. Orange sand is the most common type of sand found on Antoisia as it covers most of the continent.


Orange sand magic is said to be the magic of the demolitionist. Orange sand, and it's subsequent forms, has been classified by arenophites as an external type of magic that deals with energy.


In its sand form, orange sand has no magical properties.


Orange glass is highly explosive which is triggered whenever orange glass is in any way chipped, cracked, or shattered. The severity of the explosion is dependent on how big the glass piece is. Because of this orange glass is the hardest type of glass of the colored glasses to manipulate and mold, and has caused the death of many unskilled arenophites and the destruction of many glass blowing workshops.


Metals cast in an orange mold will imbue the metal with its orange color and the ability to absorb heat and then release it over a period of time, in effect providing a source of warmth. The amount of heat energy absorbed by a metal casted in an orange mold is dependent on the volume of the metal piece.