Major EventsEdit

Some of the leaders of the humans and forna began to sway in their devotion to the dryad king and planned on killing the king and releasing the trapped gods. Spies for the dryad king told him of their plans and triggered a small war that lasted 5 years in this war all the leaders of humans forna and dryad were killed and humans took the greatest casualties leaving very few on the continent and most fled the wastelands trying to find more of their kind. Those that remained became nomads and raided small villages of the forna and dryads in order to survive. The dryads and forna split the continent into two portions and signed a treaty that no dryad would enter the fornas’ side and vice versa. The dryads removed the line of kings and an organization of priests reigned in their stead.


In order to defend their lands the races developed varied types of fortifications. As a direct result of these fortifications siege weapons were created. This caused a small arms race to ensue between the races and more advanced weapons were created at this time. 

Important FiguresEdit

The Dryad King falls from power and the first dryad high priest is voted into office by the people. The Forna King and human shaman wage war on the dryads.

Political LandscapeEdit

Dryads change from monarchy to democratic theocracy after being forced to at the end of the war, forna and dryads establish borders and nations.