Major EventsEdit

The dryads begin to learn the uses for the animals and their fats and alchemy takes hold as magic and science intertwine to make powerful machines. The forna begin to use technology to enhance themselves giving them more strength than they already had as well as weapons hidden inside body parts. Human arenophites begin to teach the younger generation how to use their powers and some become incredibly powerful. The humans claim a section of land as theirs and both forna and dryads mobilize small armies to take the land back but, it had been nearly 1000 years since any of them had entered the center of the continent and most died of dehydration before reaching the human army and the rest were quickly dispatched by the humans who had come to call the Fogotten Quarter home. The war lasted less than six months and the humans were largely left alone. The new forna king placed a bounty on all humans and doubled it for any human mage. A small group of dryads discovered the truth behind the sealing of the gods and vowed to do all they could to free them. The forna not having any memory or belief in the gods began drilling into an underground reservoir and were close to opening one of the prisons of the gods.Civil war breaks out in the dryad kingdom one side lead by the dryads that vowed to release the gods and the other trying to keep them sealed in. Meanwhile the forna begin to lose miners as they dig deeper they begin to believe that the human nomads are trying to take their water supply and the king orders the humans eradicated from his country. The human nomads continue to steal water from trains that pass by their land and got into frequent battles with the forna. After the armies of the forna arrive at the nomad lands the humans try to fight off their onslaught but the highly augmented forna nearly destroy the nomads and they flee into the dryad lands where they encounter the god freers who make a pact with the nomads that if they aid the Dryads in their war that they will aid them in getting their lands back from the forna. With the power of the humans and the dryads combined they quickly are able to gain a stronghold and one of the seals. Shortly afterward the fornas’ capital city is destroyed by one of the now freed water gods. The nomad dryad alliance beats back the remaining dryads into their capital city. The forna fleeing from the angry freed god go to the dryads for aid just as the army of the god freers arrives. The dryads that were left to guard the seal open it and the trapped god turns and destroys the temple built on his seal. The god freers that were there run to join the rest of their group at the capital and warn them not to release the gods. The two freed gods begin working their way to the third and fourth seals to destroy them. The forna, dryads, and nomads begin a great battle where hundreds of thousands are lost in the fight. The third seal is opened in the desert oasis.Sāgara joins the other free gods and the human dryad alliance opens the last seal. Now with all the gods loosed they are able to flood Antoisia and wipe out all life on the continent.  


As the races continued to study and learn the limits of the sands they became advanced in sand magic. The advancement of sand magic allowed the forna to begin augmentation on their warriors and other races at this time achieved feats of rudimentary rocketry, and flight.

Important FiguresEdit

The young dryad rebels start an uprising in the dryad nation the dryad high priest gathers supporters to fight the rebellion. The human chieftain and the forna king start a war between there races that spills into the dryad civil war. Sāgara , Samudra , Héliú , Huáng , Dòngyǔ are freed and flood the continent.

Political LandscapeEdit

Dryad government splits and civil war erupts. Forna king becomes prideful and blames humans for all the fornas’ problems begining an anti-human campaign. The human shaman appoints himself chieftain over the human tribes and provokes the forna into all out war.