The Forna were created by the Earth Goddess as weapons of war during The War of The Gods, and control the eastern half of Antiosia known as Sarigisi. 


Forna are between 4’ and 8’ tall the later and former being incredibly rare. Biologically there are no male or female dwarves they all have the ability to be either male or female and change their gender at will. As such they all have the ability to bear children. Socially gender is not taken into account and therefore there are no words in the dwarves language for male and female and they do not understand such concepts.

Society and CultureEdit

The dwarves have a single ruler who is decedent from what is believed to be the first of the dwarves. Members of the royal family are not allowed to marry outside of royalty. Outside of the royal family the dwarves live in a cast system, the casts are as follows, Royal, Warrior, Scientist, Merchant, Miner, and Slave. There is no intermarrying in the casts and no one is allowed to change casts. This did not change until the future age only 1000 years before the end of the world.

In the dwarf royal cast there are three families each claiming to be the original dwarf family. Karemorr is presumed the oldest and possesses the crown for the majority of dwarf history. Terenkorn is made up of the advisers and royal lords they held the crown for a brief 200 year stint before being removed from power by the bastard son of the last Karemorr. Kernfold is the third of the royal families and rival to the Karemorr family they believe that they are the true first dwarves and are continually seeking to dethrone the Karemorrs.