Arenodents are a class of Sand Krill-feeding rodents that inhabit the desert land of Antoisia.

Biology and HabitatEdit

Arenodents are most noted for their wide spectrum of colors, which come from the ingestion of Magic Sands, in order to extract the Sand Krill that live within. Arenodents make their home mostly around the Rainbow Mines, and other deposits of Magic Sands, but are far from picky on where they make their nests.


Arenodents are usually timid, scavangers who stay away from the sentient races of Antoisia, and any other larger beings that pose a significant threat.


Arenodents are mostly a nuisance to sand miners, and hold little importance to teh Antoisia ecosystem.

Types of ArenodentsEdit

  • Red (particularly difficult to catch, a real nuisance)
  • Orange
  • Pink ( counter-intuitively, these Arenodents smell awful)
  • Purple
  • Green