Major EventsEdit

The humans, forna and dryads begin to spread throughout the world and come to inhabit all the continents. Then a forna begins to read his families record about the great war of the gods and finds that his family were among the first forna and claims his family is the oldest surviving and therefore should be crowned king. The first dryad is crowned king of his people. The dryad king begins to have nightmares where all his people are killed in a flood.These dreams persisted for years until, driven mad by the frequent repetition of the dreams the dryad king decided to trap and seal away the gods. After learning a secret technique he and several of his followers trapped four of the water gods. Sāgara in her anger took the water from Antoisia and trapped its inhabitants on the continent.


As a process of exploring and settling the planet the races developed navel travel and carts in order to move large amounts of things and people. Also in this age metallurgy was discovered and the races began to make iron weapons and other instruments with various metals.

Important FiguresEdit

In this era the primary people of interest are the Dryad King due to his war against the gods and Sāgara who in her rage took the water from the continent.

Political LandscapeEdit

Monarchies established for dryad and forna races, shamanistic government established for humans.